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Jan 17, 2021
Rebecca Rebecca
Lisa is an amazing coach , she has been my coach for 30 yrs .. using her techniques have really helped me . I would highly recommend ..
Jan 16, 2021
Marguerite Vok
There is no kinder soul that I have had the honour to meet on this planet than Lisa. Words can’t really describe the deep gratitude I will always carry in my heart for her. When I met Lisa I was at rock bottom, I felt I had nothing left to live for. I was depressed, scared and suicidal. I felt there was no where left for me to turn to when one day I was sitting in the medical clinic and was greeted by her warm, beautiful smile. As I left the clinic I saw her advertisement outside for “Master Your Mind” a clinic for overcoming fear, anxiety, sleep disorder and depression just to name a few, my intuition knew that this was where I needed to be. From my very first session with Lisa, all of a sudden I didn’t feel so alone, I gained hope for my mental health struggles and Lisa supported me through my healing process, not just as a BWO technician, not just as a therapist, but as a true friend who I know really cared about my well being and future. With Lisa’s intuitive and open heart and the healing effects of brain wave optimization, I was able to take control of my life, beat my depression and anxieties and start living again in the present moment. I was also able to create and form new healthy habits for myself that I could never achieve in over 20 plus years life. Not only did Lisa help me, but she also helped many of my friends achieve happier, healthier lives through her therapies and technologies. There are not enough kind words I can say about Lisa, but if there was any way to describe her, it would be earth angel. I’m forever grateful for meeting her when I did, she saved my life, and for that I’m forever grateful. Thank you Lisa <3
Jan 15, 2021
Spencer Tavares
The only thing that stands between me loving it, and just liking it, is the distance. My only "complaint" is that she's an hour away. That keeps me calm though, it's only a car ride. Other than that, there is great service, a nice calming environment, and a the sounds or music are really calming. Makes me feel content with myself. Very positive vibe from that place, and the owner.
Jan 15, 2021
Susan Brown
I found this place through word of mouth. We were greeted by a lovely woman who touch our lives in many more ways than expected! Lisa. Lisa is a kind beautiful soul who you cannot help but love. She is so positive and caring and genuine that you will wish you met her years ago. My son suffered an ABI just over 4 years ago and Lisa and her treatment and encouragement is just what he needs. We started coming to Lisa about 2.5 years ago, and Covid put a break in it. My son has recently started virtual sessions with Lisa and is showing a better outlook and positive energy about his life already. Her uplifting encouragement and support is beyond compare. Thank you Lisa!
Jan 15, 2021
Tess M
I am so grateful to have met Lisa and to have been able to do the Master Your Mind program! At a time where I was at the lowest point in my life.. I couldn’t think clearly, could barely breathe normally because I was so sad and lost, and had no idea what to do with myself. I was on the verge of checking myself into the hospital for a nervous breakdown, when a friend told me about Lisa and the positive experience she had with her. I then completed two 10 day sessions with Lisa and found stability again in my mind! The challenges I was facing in life at that time didn’t magically disappear, but I finally felt capable to make choices, and able to problem solve and move forward in life, to create the existence that my soul was yearning for and needed to be my authentic self. 🙏 ✨ ✨ It’s hard to believe that just listening to your own brain’s frequencies can make such dramatic changes; the process feels so gentle but the results are enough to move mountains. The brilliant technology combined with Lisa’s gentle loving soul, guiding you and providing the confidence and support for embracing your true self is the best medicine I could have asked for, and would whole heartedly recommend anyone to try for themselves. It’s not a magic pill, you still need to do the work, but this modality provides the foundation for you to feel whole and happy again, and capable and confident to live your life and handle the challenges that come your way, in a balanced, clear and genuine way. It has been 4 years since my experience with Lisa and the program, and the benefits are still very present in my mind and in my heart, and I’ve been able to create a new life for myself now that encompasses my true nature and desires and have been able to be truly joyful for the first time in my adult life.
Jan 13, 2021
Janet Nguyen
Lisa is extraordinary. She is energetically lovely, very friendly, and her space is wonderfully zen. I came to find her for a healthy alternative option to support my system and emotional needs. I work a high pressure job and life demands were wearing me down. After a robust treatment plan, I feel much more supported for my environment and it's stressors. She additionally offers personal support beyond technical treatments. I highly recommend to someone looking to try something they haven't before, especially if typical modes of treatment haven't been working for them. I continue to work w her regularly. In one word: indispensable ! Take your health into your own hands and give yourself the support (via Lisa) that YOU deserve !
Jan 13, 2021
Bianelle Lafrance
Master Your Mind is a safe heaven for self transformation. Lisa is an amazing, dynamique, compassionate and supportive coach that will truly assist you in healing from pain and trauma and widen your perspectives on the things that you can work on and are able to do. I recommend anybody who needs help to call her! I’m looking forward to experience her new vibrational therapy services!
Jan 13, 2021
eleni theodorou
Brain wave optimization along with Lisa's coaching was instrumental in reducing my anxiety during the most stressful period in my life. Her insightful wisdom and compassionate heart enabled me to empower myself back to wholeness. Thank you Lisa for helping to create a kinder Universe!!! Zaffie
Nov 21, 2020
Nan G Dimitrova
I would definitely recommend Lisa and Master Your Mind. She such a passionate, supportive and knowledgeable professional
Nov 17, 2020
Richard Fernandes
Amazing service & massage! Lynne did a masterful job relieving my stress & pain during a very difficult/emotional time in my life... It was most relaxing & very comfortable. The ambience was very inviting too. 💯
Nov 9, 2020
Leander Kalil
Lisa is brilliant. I have been having sessions with her for about a year. Her techniques, discourse, and the atmosphere she creates have helped me greatly with psychic, energetic, and interpersonal problems. I highly value the time I get with her, and believe she can help anyone resolve imbalances, from anxiety, to poor sleep, to mental noise. Aisha is a gifted massage practitioner. Perfect depth, sensitivity to different problem areas, and really a manual style of her own that makes massages I've recieved from other practitioners seem clumsy and automated. She does wonderful work, and I'll definitely be going to her for massages from now on. Master your Mind is a gem of a therapy studio.
Nov 8, 2020
Katia Horne
I highly recommend Aisha, best massage a ever had, she is so professional and kind, absolutely love her.
Oct 27, 2020
Julia Deacon
I came upon this lovely woman, Lisa, through my son who had been attending sessions With her at her cozy peaceful place of business in Toronto. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first regarding the brain optimization. My son and Lisa encouraged me to come So I would understand and be involved in the shift. We did the hour drive for the ten days and was well worth it. I noticed near the end I was not such a nervous driver, far more confident and positive of handling the drive! That was a big deal for me. Our sessions were always close, personal and comfortable. I could see the shift in my sons demeanour and that alone gave me a more peaceful and happy feeling. We’ve learned better ways to communicate with one another and both have found peace love and joy in more simple things. I loved the part of our sessions where the 3 of us would chat and reflect on our day before and present. Lisa has a unique way of bringing out the person you are and looking at all the positives in daily life. I’ve taken this with me and use it and share it everyday! I would recommend to anyone who may be struggling with physical or mental stresses to experience master your mind with lisa Spillman. Thank you Lisa!
Oct 26, 2020
Andrea Gudani
Aisha is absolutely amazing at what she does! you tell her exactly what you want and she does it right. She gives the BEST massages and I will continue to be her client. Great job!
Oct 20, 2020
Anto Chan
Absolutely loved my experience. Aisha was caring, present & professional. I feel uplifted and the work she did on my neck and back were the perfect amount of pressure, listening to my needs. I will no question be back soon!
Oct 12, 2020
Valerie Maksimova
I’ve been seeing Aisha for a massage therapy for a few weeks now. When I first came there I was in a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders area. Aisha has helped me a lot. Definitely will keep coming back to see her. Also, the atmosphere in master your mind very calm and pleasant. Exactly what you need to relax. Would highly recommend this place!
Oct 11, 2020
Embrace Your Highest Potential
The work Aisha Wood did on my shoulders was simply fantastic! I carry a lot of tension there. By the time I left, they felt relaxed. . .as did every fiber of my being. I'm usually very cautious about folks putting any sort of pressure on my spine so when she started the session applying pressure down my spine, it really encouraged me to let go and surrender in a gentle and comforting way. The entire session was a phenomenal experience. I was incredibly impressed by the energy radiating from her hands when she treated my restless legs. . The warm throbbing energy pulsing from her hands was WHOA! I've been to reiki masters before . I hadn't felt anything THAT strong. She's got have power, an Angel's touch indeed. I would most certainly recommend 10000%. I look forward to more session with this amazing individual. Thanks again
Oct 8, 2020
After 18 months I had tried everything for my concussion symptoms, and nothing worked. Thst is until I discovered Master Your Mind. Working with Lisa was life changing. I am back to normal, and can't thank her enough. Try it! You won't regret it.
Oct 7, 2020
Great massage and very relaxing atmosphere. I’d definitely go back!
Oct 5, 2020
I went to see Lisa for Post Concussion Syndrome from a car accident. I had a few sports related concussions in my past as well. When I first contacted Lisa she was nothing but patient, informative and very easy to speak with. I expressed my concerns and doubts and after our initial consultation, I believed Lisa could help me. We agreed the 5 day intensive therapy was the way for me to get best results. After 2 days I was off my sleeping pills (that I relied on for years), I had more mental energy and was finally beginning to think clearer. Throughout our 5 days Lisa introduced me to many other options/ways for my mind to clear via nutrition, thought processes and "acceptance". My anger and irritation was subsiding as well. Lisa and I remain in touch to this day. A text from Lisa brings me back to the light she helped recreate in my brain again. Brain Wave Optimization is a very difficult exercise to put into proper words, however after one session, your mind will clear and you find your path again. So very thankful for Lisa
Sep 30, 2020
Quinn Vitums
I had an absolutely amazing experience with lisa, after 10 sessions my life has been completely transformed, anxiety is gone and I’m finally starting to live the life I’ve always wanted to. Not only has brain wave optimization helped me with my health, I’ve also gained so much insight about myself through Lisa’s expertise and knowledge. She’s provided me with resources to literally master my mind and attitude towards life and has truly opened doors for me that I could never have imagined before coming to her. She is exactly the person I’ve been looking for to do these sessions with, someone that I could relate to who has been through struggles her self and someone that excites me and motivates me to be a better person.. she is just that, one of the most genuine people I’ve met which makes the experience 10x better. The clinic gave me good vibes as soon as I stepped in the door, I knew it was right for me instantly. Overall this is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made and I’m so happy with how everything went, I recommend this to everyone who wants to feel good naturally!!! Thank you Lisa for everything.
Sep 24, 2020
Randy Blimkie
great atmosphere and the pressure was perfect
Sep 21, 2020
Mark B.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff at a great location.
Sep 20, 2020
Siu Chu L
Wonderful deep tissue massage at this spa! The atmosphere is really welcoming and relaxing. The rooms are very clean and they have a beautiful Himalayan salt wall where you can choose the colour of the backlight. Aisha is very kind and knowledgeable - she hits all the spots that you feel ache in. You’ll leave feeling like a new person! Thanks and I’ll definitely be back!
Sep 19, 2020
Nicole Tupechka
Master your mind is a sanctuary on the Toronto waterfront. From the HUGE colour changing Himalayan salt wall, the leg and foot massage chair, the amazing massages, and treatments, everything here is thoughtful and nourishing to the mind body and soul. I’ve got many massages from Aisha. She is talented, professional and intuitive. I always feel refreshed and realigned after our sessions. The owner Lisa is a pure hearted, health champion who’s created a beautiful space. I’d definitely recommend to anyone looking to destress, rejuvenate and be warmly welcomed by some true angels!