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May 4, 2022
lisa weiss
Professional and knowledgeable
Apr 29, 2022
Alexis Bartucci
I have had 2 treatments of lazer tattoo removal with Delores at the Munster Indiana location and both times we're fantastic, the prices are reasonable and her bedside manner is great. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone needing to get rid of a bad tattoo or body hair.
Mar 23, 2022
Jessenia Elias
Came for laser Tattoo Removal. She was amazing & informative!!
Mar 18, 2022
Alex R
Great & affordable. Woman that works there knows what she's doing. 👌
Mar 11, 2022
Cheryl M
Super fast and a positive experience. Will be back soon.
Mar 4, 2022
Amazing service. Friendly and very informative! This is my 3rd facility getting a tattoo removal session and it is by far the best experience.
Feb 18, 2022
Stephanie G
Dolores makes the entire experience comfortable. So happy with the results from my first treatment
Jan 28, 2022
Sung Lim
I’m excited to start on my tattoo removal journey with Delores! She is friendly, considerate and made me feel super comfortable! Can’t wait for my next session!
Jan 11, 2022
belle luna
I just started my first treatment with tattoo removal. Yes removing a tattoo hurts just as much as getting one (varies on pain tolerance). But Ms. Dolores is very thorough with keeping you informed about the procedure & quick to do so. Highly recommend going here for tattoo removals.
Jan 10, 2022
Eleanor Stevenson
Consultation in Munster was informative and helped me feel more at ease about the process. Can't wait to start sessions!
Dec 8, 2021
Ronnika Drane
Delores is always nice whenever I come in for an appointment. She’s professional, informative and most definitely knows her stuff. I’d recommend her to anyone needing treatment.
Nov 23, 2021
Hi so i have a question i am 16 and have a regretful tattoo would i be able to get it removed if my grandma takes me
Nov 22, 2021
Jason Foster
Munster in She's very nice, professional 👏and knowledgeable
Nov 19, 2021
(Translated by Google) very 100% professional tattoo removal (Original) eliminasion de tatuaje muy 100% profedional
Nov 18, 2021
Peter Blanco
Dolores was super cool and professional. My appointment started on time. Place is clean. I will definitely go back for more treatment.
Nov 18, 2021
Bre Spencer
Dolores was professional, knowledgeable, and very personable. This was the best laser tattoo removal treatment I’ve experienced. Thank you! I’ll be back.
Nov 10, 2021
C. Diaz
I went for a tattoo laser removal. It was actually a great experience, I was nervous didn’t know what to expect. Everything was well explained and service was amazing! Very friendly and professional. I do recommend this place!
Nov 10, 2021
Kenyetta Weaver
Service was great. She was very knowledgeable and did a good job on the treatment. I’ll be returning for sure.
Nov 5, 2021
D Romero
Friendly Service, quick and very helpful when it comes to any questions that i had. I am going back for more removals definitely!!
Nov 4, 2021
Patrick Stevens
Her knowledge of tattoo removal was impressive. Awesome bedside manner...put me at ease immediately. She had a very honest approach about pain and expectations. I felt like I was being treated by a doctor. I would absolutely recommend Bare Tattoo to someone who is serious about "changing a poor decision".
Oct 29, 2021
Hal Bischoff
I went to Bare Laser Hair and Tattoo removal of Munster Indiana to have 3 tattoos lasered in hopes of lightening/ and or eventually removing them from my skin in order to have a sleeve in the future completed, as some Artists don't do coverups. The place is very clean. The staff very friendly, very knowledgeable. They explain everything to you, especially what to expect. I like the fact tgey don't come off as pushy, nor do they offer false hopes. I was told I wouod need several treatments, possibly up to 6 I believe. I've had one treatment so far, and im pretty happy with the results. One of my tattoos really lightened up with one treatment, while 2 others will require more visits. Im ok with this, and it should be expected. Anyone concerned with the pain, shouldn't be too put off by it. Sure, it hurts, but it doesn't take long per tattoo to laser it. Its actually really fast. After one visit, I will definitely be returning as soon as my 6 weeks is up. If you're interested in having your tattoos removed, this is the place. Trust me, you'll love the staff.
Sep 19, 2021
Semeka Renee
BARE was super easy to find; great location. I went in for tattoo removal service and walked out booking my follow up appointment as well as adding additional services. Delores is amazing at what she do and the most professional! Looking forward to future appointments with the company!
Sep 7, 2021
maria blanco
I came in to have old permaakeup on my brows removed. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend
Sep 1, 2021
Jessica Lansbery
The technician is very personable and easy to talk to. Hair removal is not something I’m very open about but she made me very comfortable.
Aug 25, 2021
Gina Lynn
Dolores is extremely knowledgeable in her field. I will be returning to her until this tattoo is gone, and for hair removal in the hopefully near future. Definitely recommend!