4.6 Rating
327 Reviews
Jun 12, 2019
Angel L
AWESOME service, Good food, great company
Jun 10, 2019
Andrew Xiao
Nice vibrant atmosphere with an entertaining menu. A wide variety of Asian cuisine inspired items on the menu with inspiration stemming from all the major culinary hotspots in East and Southeast Asia. Drinks are also tasty and creative. Prices are very reasonable and portion sizes respectable. No wonder it is often picked as one of the best restaurants in Halifax. Looking forward to exploring the rest of their menu.
Jun 8, 2019
Mark Pilon
Great food. Interesting flavours. Great local beer selection.
May 11, 2019
Lynn Karyn
Fantastic food. Loved the atmosphere.
May 11, 2019
Darren Hiltz
Tim our waiter was great!! Food and atmosphere was amazing.
May 5, 2019
Ping-Chih Tsai
great choice of vegan options. The management needs to take it less seriously. you don’t need to ask if people are ready to order 3 minutes after seating them. The staff are very accommodating and helpful.
Apr 28, 2019
Orin Dash
Yet another fantastic evening at Studio East! Nothing better than the buzz of a busy and energized restaurant, in the company of family and friends, to celebrate a special birthday. The food was incredible and the atmosphere, warm and friendly. Having Chef Bear and Saronn touching tables and personally welcoming us for our special occasion, made our experience, that much more special. Until next time Studio East; thanks again!
Apr 24, 2019
Levi Morrison
Really nice atmosphere, but the ramen was hit or miss. The first time I ordered it, I was convinced it was the best ramen in the city. More recently though, when I ordered it it arrived lukewarm and was not to the same quality. Overall, great staff, minimal drink selection, and food better than most.
Apr 16, 2019
troy berlinghoff
Delicious! And happy hour!
Mar 30, 2019
I finally made it yesterday because twice I came and it was not their open hours but I really wanted to try this place. I love their honey ginger tea! I was planning to try their fish curry and my very friendly guy server suggested their burger because it is burger week after all and I end up really liking it! Also to start I had their dumpwing which I like though pricey but I like the presentation. I enjoyed their chocolate mousse cake too because it was not very sweet. The guy server I had was very nice and my order came pretty fast.
Mar 7, 2019
Kristy Burgess
Went for a birthday with a group of 6 last night. One of the best meals I’ve had in the city. Every dish was generously portioned, perfectly seasoned, well put together and delicious. Service was bang on, attentive and knowledgeable. A few of us requested tiki cocktails of the servers creation, which were fantastic. Highly recommend. Will definitely return and recommend.
Feb 21, 2019
Bailey Parnell
This was one of the best meals we’ve had in a while. Everything from start to finish was mind-blowing. Perfect combination of Halifax and Korean /Japanese food. Will definitely return.
Feb 20, 2019
Arun Vats
Eclectic and various ethnicities of food. Special drinks. You can see into kitchen-interesting. Very casual atmosphere. Food properly priced, drinks expensive.
Feb 11, 2019
Stan Beland
Great gluten free options!
Feb 9, 2019
Rita Harel
Amazing and unic dishes. my favorite place in Halifax so far!
Feb 6, 2019
Ashley Smith
What a great find! Fusion food at its finest
Jan 26, 2019
Andres Collart
Really good and interesting food! Lots of gluten-free options and a nice atmosphere :) I'll definitely come back!
Dec 31, 2018
Kevin Pandoli-Bent
I had the three tacos; pulled pork, fish, and smoked tofu. The fish taco was amazing and would definitely order again. Pulled pork woul be second best and the smoked tofu was blahhh. The burger my wife ordered was perfectly cooked. Patty was small but full of flavor. $4 fries where mediocre. The errors, a side of mayo that never showed but was on our bill, a $1. I ordered a Garrison's tall ship amber ale but received a serial killer oatmeal Stout. I am not picky about beer and ale took a sip with out realizing it was the wrong one. The waitress realized the miss ordered and stated she would take it off the bill but did not. Good food, but check the bill to make sure it is right before paying, instead of being lost in your dates attention. :)/:(:(
Dec 22, 2018
Sara Girard
Food was amazing , presentation was great and taste very unique and lovely . But service wasn’t great , servers rolled eyes and huffed and puffed when food allergies were mentioned and they got them wrong and also not happy we had to return a dish asked for without dairy but brought to us with dairy .. Ramen was amazing
Dec 19, 2018
Michelle Sears
So delicious! The flavours, the creativity, the quality - everything is right with this restaurant. Friendly staff and a perfect size menu filled with interesting dishes great for sharing or enjoying on your own. I always look forward to my next meal here.
Dec 12, 2018
Sandra Pike
Wow is all i can say here. The apps here are fantastic
Nov 25, 2018
Edible Art Cafe
This is one of my favorite places to take my wife for date night. The food us great, unique and tasty, with a great atmosphere similar to our own business, so we feel right at home. I also love being able to see into the kitchen, which is a lively feast for the senses in terms of the smells, colors, sounds, and the intimate vibe that makes us so comfortable there...
Nov 24, 2018
James Dunham
Such a great atmosphere, excellent service!
Nov 23, 2018
Thomas Wills
Incredible food!!!
Nov 16, 2018
L S88
Great food